CleverPawz Pathway Programs
Raising a puppy is almost like bringing up a child!  You have a “clean slate” to work with so you can mould your puppy how you like.  Consider whether you would like a perfect companion dog or a four legged “monster”.  Whether you are raising a new puppy or have an adolescent or adult dog, CleverPawz has a pathway that will provide the perfect companion dog using its positive approach to training, prevention and problem solving—without the use of punishment.

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Puppy Start Right PreSCHOOL (4 weeks—Rolling Intakes)
Puppy Start Right PreSCHOOL is suitable for puppies from 8-12 and/or 12-16 weeks of age. This 4 week program focuses on positive socialisation and exposure that will “vaccinate” your puppy against future behavioural issues.  Themes include Handling & Restraint, Wheels & Children’s Toys, Obstacles & Sounds and Costumes & Appearances,   The program includes management and prevention of undesired behaviours such as puppy proofing your home, house training, confinement/crate training, play biting, mouthing, chewing and jumping.  Puppy parents will learn basic behaviours and learn how to read canine body language.  Puppies will have the opportunity to socialise in a safe and supervised environment.

Perfect Puppy Program  (4 weeks)
The Perfect Puppy program is a fun, reward-based program that is suitable for puppies aged from 13 weeks onwards (or earlier if Puppy PreSCHOOL has not been undertaken).  Puppies will be exposed to real life experiences taking training “on the road” in a controlled, small group environment.  The training is based on the “Learn to Earn” program that will form a solid foundation for life and partnership with you and your companion.  Puppies will learn how to work for treats, play, toys and pets instead of getting them for free.  Puppy parents will learn how to prevent pulling on a lead, jumping, leave it, sit, polite manners, recall and go to mat.   An orientation session is required for new puppy parents.

Puppy Socialisation Service 
The Puppy Socialisation Service is offered to provide puppies with positive exposure to real life experiences including people, places, sights, sounds, dogs, animals that puppies might interact with as an adult dog. The critical socialisation period is 8-12 weeks of age whilst exposure up to 16 weeks age is still beneficial.  The socialisation service includes puppy exposure 3-4 times a week.  Each session is up to one hour’s duration or as negotiated. 

Foundation Program (6 weeks)
The Foundation program is suitable for junior puppies and adult buddies aged from 17 weeks onwards.  Canine parents will learn to build a solid foundation of behaviours with their canine friends using reward based techniques.  The program focusses on putting behaviours on “cue”, generalising behaviours, teaching impulse control around other dogs, people and items, targeting, walking on a loose lead, polite greetings including not jumping up, recall, sit, drop, give and take, leave food and objects.” 

Pre-requisite:  Orientation Session for new canine parents

Real World—Foundation Advanced  (4 weeks)
The Real World—Foundation Advanced program consolidates the behaviours that your have learnt in the Foundation Program by applying them to the real world.  Your canine buddy will learn how to cope with the distractions of busy environments, people, dogs, dog park etiquette and relaxing while you enjoy coffee at the café — the ultimate training for a great family canine buddy!

Pre-requisites:  Foundation Program or Impulse Control Sessions.

Impulse Control Sessions (1 hour) 
Does your canine buddy:-

  • Pull on lead or lunge at passers-by, dogs or people
  • Ignore you and run off when asked to come to you
  • Jump on you and/or other people

The impulse control sessions are suitable for adolescent and adult dogs designed to learn polite manners, walk loosely on a lead and come reliably when called.   The sessions are one hour’s duration with a maximum of 4 dogs per session per trainer.   Sessions are conducted on a demand basis. 

These sessions are not suitable for aggressive dogs.
Pre-requisite:  Orientation Session for new canine parents

Private Consultations
Private one-to-one consultations are available in-home that focus on specific issues relating to your “buddy”.  The initial consultation is generally 1.5-2.0 hours and usually includes showing you how to get started and practising the required behaviours.  This is followed up with a customised training plan designed to your specific requirements. 

Train Your Dog for YOU
Train Your Dog concept is suitable for busy owners or owners that are unable or do not particularly have the desire to be involved in the training process.  We come to your home and do the training, either while you are at work or at home.  This solution is quicker and easier for the owner, Train Your Dog concept starts with an initial consultation and evaluation. We take a full history and make an assessment of the issues that you wish to have resolved and discuss the training plan with you.

Further Training Information
Detailed information on each of the courses will be provided upon request.