CleverPawz Oz is based on training philosophies using force free principles and techniques (i.e. positive reinforcement clicker training techniques.  These philosophies are scientifically proven by behavioural psychologists as the most effective way to train any behaviour.  We do not endorse or use pain, fear and other intimidation techniques such as domination or alpha rolls, or any implements that inflict these such as choke chains, pinch collars, electric shock collars, leash jerks etc.  See article explaining the “Dominance Controversy”  (Acknowledgement: Dr Sophia Yin, DVM , MS Veterinarian Animal Behaviourist).

Using these scientifically proven techniques we build a long lasting trusting relationship with our K9 buddy.  See the video on trust accounts.

See Video showing the "Introduction to Clicker Training Techniques" – Positive Reinforcement Training, Karen Pryor Academy.

See article “A Better Way of Training”  Dr Sophia Yin, DVM, MS.

See video explaining How Dogs Learn Dr Sophia Yin, DVM, MS.

We believe that your K9 friends are integral to your family and that by using positive reward-based training you will develop a deep bond and trusting relationship with your dog that will be there for life.  It is a fascinating journey for yourself as well as your K9 friend. Your K9 friends will relish learning full of enthusiasm and be keen to “show off” their newly acquired skills.